Who Do You Love?

M.A.D. Compassion!


What's your Passion?


Who do you care about? Who do you want to help heal, improve conditions for, make things easier?

What do you love to do? Sports, Music, Board Games, Science? 

Now, put your Love and your Passion to work together and produce a project, event or initiative. Follow the steps in M.A.D. 101 and Make A Difference!

The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (and our own findings too!) state:
"Young people who discuss a volunteer experience are twice as likely as others to volunteer regularly. And, they are also 16 percentage points more likely to try to influence someone’s vote!"  Your Compassion Matters!

There's More!

Connect and build constellations of M.A.D.ness! 

Blast your ideas, inspire others, ask your questions, share your success, ask for your needs, and contribute your M.A.D.ness to the M.A.D. community! 

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Interested in making your school a School of Compassion? How about making your city a City of Compassion? Then Click HERE!