All workshops are interactive and engaging.

What happens when you realize your super powers of Compassion? Imagine doing your favorite hobby or sport, while a the same time you are improving the conditions of our homeless neighbors, our overrun animal shelters, children with cancer or helping to bring awareness to global climate change? It's called M.A.D. Compassion and that's what you will discover has been living inside you your whole life! Now let us show you how to put it to some fun and exciting work! 


Sande's workshops are informative, inspirational and interactive . Her workshops are engaging and can get very loud! Don't come if you don't want to have fun and get involved.  Sande will coach you in some leadership skills and then load you up with all the tools you need to go out into the world and be M.A.D.!


If you don't think the problems of your community or the world are getting fixed fast enough, get M.A.D. in a way that Makes A Difference!

"Where your passions meet the needs of the world, therin lies your calling."  Aristotle


Ages 10-13


Make A Difference 101


Ideal for Middle and High School 

Who do you love and what do you love to do? You will leave this workshop with all the tools you need to take the two and develope an amazing event, project, advocacy, and/or initiative.  You will also walk into the rest of your life with leadership skills to Make A Difference

for the rest of your life!


Compassionate Community Building

All that we need to co-create a more compassion community is already around us. We will explore and identify how to convene, organize and activate your community into one that works for everyone and create a City, School District, and/or Workplace of Compassion



Compassion 101


What does Compassion mean? How does it show up in our lives? How do you live it? Why is it important? 

Then you will write your own Charter for Compassion